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We Are The Verticulture

Verticulture is the new member of a mother company with related and unrelated business in national and international scene. Mainly in construction and renovation sector. Based in Dubai, U.A.E.

As a recognized construction and renovation company, we made number of successful projects all around U.A.E. and it’s a pleasure to work on with the states development in upcoming progressive revolution.


In the move to create a passion with nature, urban, technology and agriculture for make a greener environment instead of pale and grey atmosphere around Middle East.


Green mission is for create and fill spaces in to gardens, minor agriculture areas or environment effective works in an innovative way.

Dull spaces in to interesting eye taking spots. Ordinary blinds or dead ends in to breath talking relaxing eye catching visions.  It’s inviting and inspiring with instinct benefits from the nature.

Living walls will give countless advantages and benefits. Our trained and nature loving staff will give more for your space to make greener.


Gardening is a god’s gift, and it will bring mankind with nature and environment blessings. Seeing natures green is a medicine to physical health and mental health. Seen green in pale and grey situation is dreamy and beauty of nature, blissful gift. Especially in hot and dusty environment in Middle East this is pleasant full refreshing experience.
Gardening is bringing the situation at jungles, nature trails in to home or office space. It will affect the bio diversity. Great help to Re Green the green planet and the purity of the air and purify, condition the environment atmosphere.

In this urban and technologically noised, overwhelmed situations we have to move with green even in a small space. In urban life its challenge to create a garden or a salad garden with the rush on mother earth. One square inch will be high priced, so this vertical innovative agricultural method will give answers for mentioned.